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Monster Trad (Falkirk, Stirling, Ayrshire) Collaboration Day
Sunday 25 June 2017
10am – 4pm

This will be a day of workshops and collaborations leading to a short performance. Our first visit to Ayrshire!

Monster Trad (Falkirk, Stirling, Ayrshire) Preparation Day
Saturday 8 October 2016
10am – 4pm
Grangemouth Town Hall

A day of workshops plus short recording session with participants from Falkirk, Ayrshire and Stirling.

This event is planned as a preparation day leading to a final performance event in 2017.

Monster Trad tutors for this event include Lori Watson, John Somerville, Gillian Frame and Emma Tomlinson.

Please see the music available on the Learning page.


Monster Trad National residential
26/27 September 2015

This year, facilitated by the Traditional Music Forum, Monster Trad goes national with young musicians from all over Scotland. Groups including Fèisean nan Gàidheal, Edinburgh Youth Gaitherin, Riddell Fiddles, Glasgow Fiddle Workshop, and North East Folk Collective are sending members to a residential weekend of big band trad music arrangements led by Lori, John and a team of brilliant tutors. The young musicians will return to their own groups with repertoire and arrangements to share and some teaching skills to pass the music on.

Below you will find information on the venue, the timetable for the weekend and task to do and bring for Mark Sheridan’s workshop. All the music is available on the Learning page.

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Dalguise Outdoor Centre

PGL Dalguise

There will be a full programme of workshops and big group rehearsals of the Monster Trad music arrangements as well as a creative workshop led by Mark Sheridan. The weekend will end with a sharing of all the music at 3pm on Sunday.


Monster Trad Timetable

Monster Trad Timetable

From Mark Sheridan

To each participant –

Choose a place that means something important to you. Think about the place and its atmosphere – and why it is important. Also listen to the sounds around it and the sights you see around it too. Maybe find out something about its history or background?

Take some photos on your phone if you can – or borrow one or a camera. Or if you are artistic maybe sketch it!

Bring these images with you – and when you are at Monster Trad we will discuss the images you bring in our groups.

Here is my photo … On the canal near my home.
Mark's canal pic